Summary & Outlook

Weather Summary
Period: 8:00am (February 16th) until 8:00am (February 17th)

There were two distint features dominating our weather yesterday. Firstly at the upper level a SW'ly jet continued to advect upper level moisture over our island, this manifested itself in broken high level clouds. On the lower level the Atlantic High continues to dominate the Caribbean Basin. Moderate to brisk ENE'ly to E'ly trades continued for yet another day preventing any significant cloud build up. Daytime heating produced one light shower measuring a trace and that was all the precipitation for the period. Max temp. was 29.6ºc and the min. was 23.4ºc. A  marine advisory was maintained. The horizontal visibility ranged from 18km to 25km.



Weather Outlook  
Valid: 8:00am (February 17th) to 8:00pm (February 18th)

According to model trends and analyses, the Atlantic High pressure system will continue to maintain its dominance on the atmospheric conditions. The upper level  SW'ly jet will provide a cirrus blanket as well. This all translates to a rather stable atmospher throughout the period. The horizontal visibility should range from 18 km to 22km due to the minimal impact of haze. Seas conditions should be moderate to rough with waves 8 to 10 feet in open waters, and a marine adviory remains in effect. Expect a maximum of 29.5 °C and a minimum of 23.5°C.